Thursday, October 14, 2010


The 4th annual ArtEast open studio tour starts this WEEKEND. Artists from Dover Plains, Amenia, Pine Plains and Millerton will open their creative spaces and the following weekend, the 23 and 24th, studios to the south, from Wingdale to Holmes, will follow suit.

What’s especially thrilling for me about this year’s tour is the new studios included. And I mean NEW studios, like, “delivered this Monday” new. Dianne Englekee, photographer and cartoonist in Millerton, expects her studio, which was built at Bayhorse in Milan, to be arriving this week! Her husband, the sculptor and painter Mark Liebergall, had his studio arrive in two parts a few weeks ago. It took several Amish men to put it together. Both studios will sit apart and reflect the individual character of the artists. As Liebergall says, “ her studio is like a French atelier, and mine is more like a Manhatten loft”. Camillo Rojas and Virginia Lavado, also from Millerton, have designed and been building their combined studio for years. This open studio tour will essentially be a studio warming for them as well. Another new studio on the tour is Peter Cascone’s place in Amenia, which is full of decades of work in a plethora of vintage styles. He is known for his stories and I am sure a visit there will be fascinating. In addition, My Dog Miles Art Projects and Installations and the 14th Colony show in Millerton will bring me a quick group snapshot of what is happening in the current local scene. The one artist from previous years on the tour is Sue Hennelly in Dover Plains. She is well known for her warm hospitality and the quality of her watercolors. Maps for the tour are available at

I am not opening my studio this year... it's too much a part of my kitchen! But i will be out and about checking on what these artists are up to. Hope to see you there!


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