Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On the move

Something happens when you turn forty. I look back at all the hard work I did taking care of others through my thirties and feel as though it is time for a vacation. Anyone else felt that way?
6 x 6 paint and collage on wood

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Something fishy

6 x 6 paint on panel

So many overlapping worlds... in this picture and in real life. Where we focus seems to be a choice of elimination.

Monday, April 20, 2009

48 Places to learn

My parents were (and continue to be) students. Whenever something comes hard, messed up, and sweaty, my dad calls it "tuition".
Here I try to think of 48 places to learn:
1. school
2. church
3. playground
4. the kitchen
5. the beach
6. in nature
7. at the dinner table
8. the library
9. the museum
10. in conversation
11. at the computer
12. from your kids
13. from your parents
14. from your pets
15. other artists
16. in attics
17. from your failures
18. on the road
19. in the water
20. as a passenger
21. in the dark
22. wrong turns
23. in the light
24. when you are empty
25. when you are sick
26. at the zoo
27. at an arts council
28. by my mistakes
29. on tv
30. in the bedroom
31. in a workshop
32. in books
33. at work
34. at a concert
35. in a crash
36. listening
37. on the street
38. from your heart
39. from your best friend
40. in battle
41. in silence
42. in therapy
43. from others
44 in front of the canvas
45 in front of a blank page
46. from a place of stillness
47. when you loose a friend
any suggestions?

Friday, April 17, 2009

No time to rest

6 x 6 inches
Have you ever tried to remember where you came from? Or your address two or three addresses ago?
Right after I was born my parents took me overseas. We moved often in those first years, months... and we lived in exotic locales. I truly think I may have lived in 48 different places. I truly truly had a fabulous window on the world. These are Roseate Spoonbills in flight.


I arrived at 1:29am

6 x 6 inches acrylic on wood

Just recently I had my birth-chart prepared by Leigh Oswald. She was able, by recording and anticipating the track of the planets from the time of my birth and over the years, to give some amazing precise details about my life's path. She also gave me an acceptance and understanding of my motivations and needs as well. I highly recommend her if you are in an uncomfortable time and unsure what is going on. Some of what she told me actually helped me be kinder to myself.

I was born in the middle of the night at the first part of a new day. My mother used all the drugs the doctors would provide and says the delivery was quiet psychedelic.